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Public Art

Rock 'n River by Colin Lambert and Peter AdamsFolsom has a diverse and growing collection of Public Art! Public Art is original artwork created by an artist(s) for a public place that members of the general public can experience. Public Art enhances public spaces and invites public participation and interaction in those spaces. The City of Folsom and the Folsom Arts and Cultural Commission recognize that the lives of the citizens of Folsom can be enriched by exposure to art in its various forms and that the community can be made more beautiful and more livable. They created voluntary guidelines in accordance with the City Council adopted arts and cultural plan, to encourage the inclusion of public art in the community.

Folsom’s Public Art program has the following goals:
     1. To create more visually pleasing public spaces
     2. To reflect the rich history of Folsom and to define its past and imagine its future
     3. To increase public access to and enjoyment of visual arts
     4. To reflect the community's values
     5. To invite public participation and interaction with public spaces

Public Art in Folsom includes:
     . Private funding for privately owned projects - Artworks completed on a privately owned project funds in publicly accessible spaces with private and
       designed for the enjoyment of the public at large.
     . Publicly funded projects for publicly owned projects - Artworks completed on a public project funded by public funds. These funds may be obtained
       through public grants, donations, or general fund allocations.

Click to view our Public Art Galleries:
     Natoma Station
     Palladio at Broadstone
     Other Folsom Locations

Public Art Natoma Station

Publicly funded project for publicly owned projects
Suzanne Adan, Catawampus
Suzanne Adan, Horse Sense
Roger Berry, Gaze
Donna Billick, Jack and Jillian Rabbit (2)
Robert Brady, Brood
Stephen Kaltenbach, Brazen
Kathleen Kasper Noonan, The Hundredth Monkey
Kathleen Kasper Noonan, Trimate
Michaele LeCompte, Parterre
Michaele LeCompte, Shards

James Melchert, Flows
David Middlebrook, Stacked
Jack Nielsen, Hishaku
David Rible, Heading Home
David Rible, Tough Run
Michael Riegel, Hoop Piece
Michael Riegel, Jump Rope
Yoshio Taylor, Progression
Yoshio Taylor, Reflection

Public Art Palladio at Broadstone

Private funding for privately owned projects
Phill Evans, Bronze Rubbing
Phill Evans, Film Festival
Phill Evans, Garden Light
Phill Evans, Garden Light Bike Rack
Phill Evans, Gladiator
Phill Evans, Ladies with Baskets I
Phill Evans, Ladies with Baskets II
Phill Evans, Ladies with Baskets III
Phill Evans, Mediterranean Waters

Phill Evans, Palladio Towers I
Phill Evans, Palladio Towers II
Phill Evans, Watch Your Bike I
Phill Evans, Watch Your Bike II
Phill Evans, Watch Your Bike III
Phill Evans, Watch Your Bike IV
J Randall Smith, Herons de Palladio Fountains
J Randall Smith, Herons de Palladio
J Randall Smith, Horses de Palladio (4)

Public Art Other Folsom Developments

Publicly funded project for publicly owned projects
Charlotte Cooper, Oak Leaf Fall
Colin Lambert and Peter Adams, Rock 'n River
Philip Sciortino, Folsom Bound
Philip Sciortino, Marshall Farley
Philip Sciortino, Veterans Memorial
Michael Stanford, Folsom Celebrates History
Folsom Hills Elementary School
Folsom Middle School
Folsom High School
Folsom Zoo

Private funding for privately owned projects
Phill Evans, Cobblestone Dancers
Phill Evans, Double Watch Your Bike
Phill Evans, Wheels and Wheels
Phill Evans, Wind and Wheels
Frederick Prescott, Red Bull
Debra Scarpa, C.F. Cloud, Mary Cargile, and Tim Covington, Colina dal Lago

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